Friday, May 14, 2010


Few things on earth cannot be felt unless we actually are at that POSITION... being a "Father" is something like that...Mothers always flow out all the love she has in every Way she can but fathers are the ones who loves children still keeps it all in... my Father is one of that kind... who has always Loved me sooo much still not once he has told me that...
In my childhood i used to wonder why my Pappa is not like other fathers of my friends (ask for something, n its in the hands ready)... He used to be a mystery for me then,, One of the un breakable quest for me was " Y not fulfill my demands at
We had to pay monthly fees during my schooling n every month i had to ask my father for my fees... He would never give me when i asked... I used to force him to give and he would firmly refuse to give... Then i would start crying for my fees n atlast after a long long time ,me forcing him n asking him a lot n lot ,he would give me the fees amount... I used to think "Whats wrong? I asked my fees only right? What if he give me at first? If i wont ask my father then whom should i ask? Why does he always refuse to give me?" I would think a bit n then leave it off... Each time for everything i wanted i had to plead him a lot to give me... and atlast he would give me... I was a small girl then .. Many questions would roar at that moment , later it would disappear... I never understood what was my pappa always upto...
Now i am quite grown up n i have the Wisdom to think about what pappa used to do and i have answers for all those questions i had... My pappa dont tell me why he used to do that with me... He was a clever man ,,,He knew, even though his
children wont understand why he did so, whatever his purpose was will be fulfilled... and it happened.... Today i know the
value of money and how difficult is it to get it, its not easily reachable , i dont simply waste money today and i apply it with
everything i have... Anything we have should be valued n kept... and my Pappa taught me this... today if i ask him for anything.... He gives it... coz he knows its time to give me the responsibility to take care of things...
He never bothered what if i dislike him for his behaviour, he never thought to be sweet and nice.. he took the pain of hurting me... to teach me, mend me... and make me what I am today...
There might be many like my Pappa who are doing lots and lots of sacrifice for their children, my salute for all such fathers but out of all of them i feel my Pappa is the sweetest who EVEN TODAY says nothing still Loves me the most...
Thats why my PAPPA is the Best... :)


  1. My Papa is the best..........:) love u girl....for bringing this part of ours out :)

    love u papa...........

  2. gdd girlll.... if ur fathr read this he vl be very proud of youuuu

  3. of course ur dad is sweetest but u should also be
    praised very less children understand their father.i am proud of u sis!

  4. Its really beautiful sis. I'm waiting for your new posts since a long time. Please start writing again :)