Friday, August 26, 2016

Mother & Child in Disguise

 There is no match to Mother and her Love but sometimes we are too blessed to get more of it...

My mother.... like every mother is very protective, i am always amazed by the way she has kept me like a pearl in the sea shell.
She never let anyone hold me when I was a baby, thinking they might accidentally hurt me. Be it crowded market , rushy road or stuffed bus she stood next to me like the strong metallic wall protecting me from every nuisance.
I have never felt safer than being with her.  Even today when i have crossed my 25 she looks after me the same way. And then i realized something one night.

I am now married and i mostly travel with my husband wherever it is. We were supposed to do a night journey with my mother. We had booked a sleeper bus for 3 of us.
Me and my mom slept in the 2 beds and my husband signaled me that he would be just in the next upper birth. I signaled him a good night and I will be fine through my eyes. Its been almost 10 years i know him and its like a different person i have been living with since 2 years of our wedding. Every time when its time we are about to depart to sleep separately its a weird feeling, as if something is not right. I dont know if he feels the same but i feel it every time and have never told him till today as it might sound  stupid. So i try to fill all these in that final glance of the night and he left to his bed.

I kept thinking about my mom now. We hardly got chance to sleep together after my wedding and she was excited as ever. As she gets travel sickness she tried to doze off soon.
I slept gradually and at one point i suddenly woke up. i could feel my stomach giving me a vomiting sensation and vomiting scares the hell out of me always and the very thought of vomit makes me shiver in fear. For some reason i have always been scared of vomiting. I kept saying myself no no no.... its gonna be fine... not today not now.. pls pls pls...
i turned to my mom  and saw her sleeping. Dint want to wake her up as i know this might create 2 people vomiting in the bus.
god.... i got to know its time and am about to puke. i opened the window but i dint vomit. My mom woke up and gave me water bottle.
I washed my face and slept again. the sensation was still there and without my knowledge i saw towards the screen next to the bed hoping to see my husband.
I kept seeing there for long thinking why was i seeing there.  My mom was right next to me and i was soo afraid. i could have held her hand tight and slept but i dont have that feeling to feel protective  inside her arms. I wanted to protect her, wanted to keep her inside my arms now, wanted to protect her from something that can cause problem to her even if its me.

The person who i am married to felt like mother to me. I wanted to feel safe in his arms like the way he has kept me all this while, only that i realized it that night. I dint want him to do anything for me. I was self-sustained to take care of myself but i dint want to do it . May be i am now addicted to being taken care by him .Things had changed so much, my mother felt like my child and my husband felt like my mother. It was magical to realize how blessed I was to have the master of Care and Love, I thought all of this to myself and closed my eyes smiling to him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Tommorrows In Our Hands

A day will come. When a Rapist ,without a pinch of fear will give his word to the Media as "Yes, I did it. Rape of 18 girls in a day, Why not ... Until am safe in this Nation which is going to feed me 3 times a day from now ,till 10 or 20 yrs or may b till my death by which my case would still b running in court." That day is not too far. That day will come. Soon come...
 In this Corrupt Nation even d person who rapes Mother India is treated with care. A nation which has "Seethas" who undergo Harassment at every step fighting to protect Herself , at the same time there are "Shurpanakas" who take the advantage of Law and play absurd games with Lives taking the pleasure of being a Girl ,ditching all Values that a Girl should bear.

We are humans and its very much needed to remind to all of us now as we have forgotten the Core values of our existence which makes us the Most Superior creature on Earth. We have become so Unethical that even our self conscious has gone deep sleep or lost in this Polluted, Noisy, Ruthless Society. Civilized..! , We are no more.

Its Time to change not just the people who are ruling us or corruption but first our mind set. How many of us feel for the old person standing in bus and leave our seat for them to sit. How many have the mindset of taking the person to hospital when someone meets with accident in road. How many of us think lending the tip amount we give in big hotels to some poor hungry person who is really in need of it. Its not about Male/Female Its overall Human Race. We all play safe being blind to all the crime we r doing by "Not doing the things We are Supposed to Do". We want to sit in our homes and feel bad for the things happening around, speak about it and forget it. We are nt any less responsible for the Harassment going on around us. Every time we think its none of our business when someone is in problem we are the cause of it.
Huh.... Until we change our mind to stand for each other things are not gonna Change. It doesn't Imply any Candle walk or protest for Justice. We cant get back the Dead with a candle walk. If we really feel for it then we need to change Ourself , Take an Oath that next Time when We find Someone in Need We are going to extend a Selfless Hand of Help. Its high time to take it into our hands n bring The Change Ourself. We dont need a Magic stick to Change Our Tomorrows, We can turn Ourself as One.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Request Letter For My Dear God

Greetings for Dear God

I know u are angry right? on all of us, I know

you made this world soo beautiful and Humans Extremely Extraordinary giving us capacity to think, admire and realize every gift you made around us, the most beautiful way it could be, for only us…. You loved us the most among all your creations.

We today have reached the verge of destruction that nothing more is left out to destroy…minds full of cruelty, hearts full of Hatred ness I all we find everywhere… Nobody even remembers what is humanity, sacrifice, love for all…. It leaves no option for u to destroy everything here. Rite?

I know God u will soon be destroying everything here. The world. Most beautiful thing Ever.

I know how much it must be hurting you. For u created this with lot of love. Soo much love that I who was born after sooo many years of the birth of world ,today stand here feeling soo much love taking birth within me , every sec. this world makes me give birth to that love every moment even after its existence of soo many years. Sooo much love… Unimaginable. That’s y God is Great they have always said. May b all have this much love within them taking birth even today but fail to realize it. I am soo sorry for them God. I am more sorry for u Dear God. I wish I could console you. But the pain u r going through is beyond all heights that I cant even think of from where to console you and for what not.

God, I think of it all and I find things breaking down infront of me after sometime … but very soon . I cry within me at the end of a smile.. smile that came for I was gifted this world to live by u, u chose me to live here. In the most beautiful and sofesticated place in every way. A tear drops for I dont want this to end. I want to stop it. I want to stop this End of World. Somehow coz I want more hearts like me to beat , feeling grateful for what u have got it here. I want to live here and want more lives to live here giving this World the value that it always deserved.

I always believed in fairy tales. There comes an angel when the last hope ends to stop the wrong from being happening… I still believe in it. I believe that you will send an Angel , an Angel to save the “Princess Earth” from the Worst. When it was Bad she was quiet, when it went to worse she is still sustaining. You have made her soo soft that she took it all in peace, but its time… Its time coz she is at the verge of End… “If you have ever written ‘As you Wish’ in my destiny at any point of my Life” then Please Grant me this… coz, otherwise you always know what is best for me and all. Please send that Angel who can solve it all for “Earth”. Give her the Dignity she always Deserved but never Demanded or Desired….

This is A Humble request from a Heart that belongs to not even a dot part of this World.

Thanking you

Coz I Believe

You Will Make It A Happy Ending For Earth that she lives Happily There after.

Monday, May 16, 2011

We Will b Together Always... Slideshow

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Friday, May 14, 2010


Few things on earth cannot be felt unless we actually are at that POSITION... being a "Father" is something like that...Mothers always flow out all the love she has in every Way she can but fathers are the ones who loves children still keeps it all in... my Father is one of that kind... who has always Loved me sooo much still not once he has told me that...
In my childhood i used to wonder why my Pappa is not like other fathers of my friends (ask for something, n its in the hands ready)... He used to be a mystery for me then,, One of the un breakable quest for me was " Y not fulfill my demands at
We had to pay monthly fees during my schooling n every month i had to ask my father for my fees... He would never give me when i asked... I used to force him to give and he would firmly refuse to give... Then i would start crying for my fees n atlast after a long long time ,me forcing him n asking him a lot n lot ,he would give me the fees amount... I used to think "Whats wrong? I asked my fees only right? What if he give me at first? If i wont ask my father then whom should i ask? Why does he always refuse to give me?" I would think a bit n then leave it off... Each time for everything i wanted i had to plead him a lot to give me... and atlast he would give me... I was a small girl then .. Many questions would roar at that moment , later it would disappear... I never understood what was my pappa always upto...
Now i am quite grown up n i have the Wisdom to think about what pappa used to do and i have answers for all those questions i had... My pappa dont tell me why he used to do that with me... He was a clever man ,,,He knew, even though his
children wont understand why he did so, whatever his purpose was will be fulfilled... and it happened.... Today i know the
value of money and how difficult is it to get it, its not easily reachable , i dont simply waste money today and i apply it with
everything i have... Anything we have should be valued n kept... and my Pappa taught me this... today if i ask him for anything.... He gives it... coz he knows its time to give me the responsibility to take care of things...
He never bothered what if i dislike him for his behaviour, he never thought to be sweet and nice.. he took the pain of hurting me... to teach me, mend me... and make me what I am today...
There might be many like my Pappa who are doing lots and lots of sacrifice for their children, my salute for all such fathers but out of all of them i feel my Pappa is the sweetest who EVEN TODAY says nothing still Loves me the most...
Thats why my PAPPA is the Best... :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010


We r brought up very soft n delicate... At every step our parents safeguard us with all comforts... One day i saw something
that violated the statement...My mamma is one of the most most caring mamma, she has brought me up so smoothly that even a pillow can hurt me... One
day me n mamma wer on an outing n she had stopped at a shop to buy something ,i was standing out looking at a doll n then i
saw someone very short comming towards me with a big round hat (dats wat i could feel as the person was comming from my
right...) i turned n to my great surprise it was a small girl holding a pot of water on her head, with a bag of vegetables hanged
to her shoulders, her brown skirt half wet... i was stunn... what was she up to, so much of strength? she looked at me n i could
do nothing other than smiling at her, she blushed n smiled. she slowed down as her destination(home) was getting nearer which
was next to me... she wanted to spend more time smiling with me.... i felt happy n wanted to speak to her but what to speak to
someone so great... felt i am not worth it... after sometime her mamma who was selling flowers next to the gate asked her to
get in n cook food n she said "yes" , (that moment i thought of all the moments i said "no" to mamma when she asked me to do
something)... my mamma came n i left the place with her sweet smiling face imprinted in my heart, n that girl still smiling till i dissapeared
from her sight... (secret:all the way back home, i was feeling like hugging mamma tight... still controlled myself n sat silently
thinking about her)
Many a times we ignore to see the different kind of lives people are living around whom we are supposed to salute...that girl was such a superb personality being so tiny she has taken up the task of getting water to home n she has to cook may
be as her mom works ,she would be doing all the household work alone... her will power , her confidence in doing that... n best
of all she doesnt even know her greatness... she blushed in shy for a girl who smiled at her feeling happy for that...situations in
life takes off the deciding power from a person... she had no options n she had to do it,what was told to her .If she wished to
or not, nobody bothers... still she is happy for little things that pass though her routine.... so was a sweet golden girl i saw , may b at every part there are lot of golden people like her who doesnt know their worth ...
atleast lets be grateful for all that we r blessed n not finding the flaws ,,, live happily for such a beautiful life that god has made only for us... :)
only for us...

Friday, May 7, 2010


I always disliked the typical metro kind of life... my heart always used to beat for plants, trees,birds , animals n more of nature, like glaciers , mountains,greenary...i never understood how ppl wished for a life in blore... wich i never wanted but as we all know life always takes us exactly wer we dnt wish for... i had to come to blore for my degree course, n my college was in the HOSUR ROAD popularly known for its traffic jam... n as i wanted to avoid travelling in bus i had to stay in the same area n i had joined for a PG right by the side of the main road... its such a area full of vehicles,smoke, noise , crowd, ppl walking all over n if u look at the sky wishing to see some stars all u can see is tall standing IT companies n dark clouds of smoke...i knew my life was in mess n i cudnt imagine hw badly i wud b going to suffer from that day... i sat out of my room which was in 2nd floor staring at the vehicles filled road thinking about all these... i had come just one day b4 my classes started... huh... i slept with a heavy heart...
next day mrng i woke up, as it was first day ,at first felt like crying... n den i got up... opened window got disappointed as i cud'nt feel any fresh air or see any tree but the road full of ppl each one hurrying up not caring about others was time to get ready nw...i said to my self "i ll not go to college today, pakka from tomorrow..." n i decieded on it firmly.
huh.... i got ready took my bag n left for college...its always that my studious ming never let me do such things though i deciede...i was scared a bit... first day.. ragging, classmates, that too blore ppl... they hardly care for emotions.... someone so idiotic like me,,,, can i survive here? suddenly i stoped.. n i turned by my side in the road as i walked... n i saw something that i had never thought of.... a person i dnt knw from wer he droped there was guiding a group of small ducklings in the service road of hosur main road... those small ones soooooooo cute... my mind blew away... i was surprised to see that there, i was so happy... they wer walking along with me n as i reached college i forgot all fear n to my great luck i could see nobody there, no gangs of seniors , no staring, no ragging,... i went to my class n i felt bit strange still i was comfortable...
begining in metro wasnt that bad too... there wer lot of sweet n cute things left in blore to happen with me n that was just a beginning... i thought to myself as i smiled...