Sunday, December 11, 2011

Request Letter For My Dear God

Greetings for Dear God

I know u are angry right? on all of us, I know

you made this world soo beautiful and Humans Extremely Extraordinary giving us capacity to think, admire and realize every gift you made around us, the most beautiful way it could be, for only us…. You loved us the most among all your creations.

We today have reached the verge of destruction that nothing more is left out to destroy…minds full of cruelty, hearts full of Hatred ness I all we find everywhere… Nobody even remembers what is humanity, sacrifice, love for all…. It leaves no option for u to destroy everything here. Rite?

I know God u will soon be destroying everything here. The world. Most beautiful thing Ever.

I know how much it must be hurting you. For u created this with lot of love. Soo much love that I who was born after sooo many years of the birth of world ,today stand here feeling soo much love taking birth within me , every sec. this world makes me give birth to that love every moment even after its existence of soo many years. Sooo much love… Unimaginable. That’s y God is Great they have always said. May b all have this much love within them taking birth even today but fail to realize it. I am soo sorry for them God. I am more sorry for u Dear God. I wish I could console you. But the pain u r going through is beyond all heights that I cant even think of from where to console you and for what not.

God, I think of it all and I find things breaking down infront of me after sometime … but very soon . I cry within me at the end of a smile.. smile that came for I was gifted this world to live by u, u chose me to live here. In the most beautiful and sofesticated place in every way. A tear drops for I dont want this to end. I want to stop it. I want to stop this End of World. Somehow coz I want more hearts like me to beat , feeling grateful for what u have got it here. I want to live here and want more lives to live here giving this World the value that it always deserved.

I always believed in fairy tales. There comes an angel when the last hope ends to stop the wrong from being happening… I still believe in it. I believe that you will send an Angel , an Angel to save the “Princess Earth” from the Worst. When it was Bad she was quiet, when it went to worse she is still sustaining. You have made her soo soft that she took it all in peace, but its time… Its time coz she is at the verge of End… “If you have ever written ‘As you Wish’ in my destiny at any point of my Life” then Please Grant me this… coz, otherwise you always know what is best for me and all. Please send that Angel who can solve it all for “Earth”. Give her the Dignity she always Deserved but never Demanded or Desired….

This is A Humble request from a Heart that belongs to not even a dot part of this World.

Thanking you

Coz I Believe

You Will Make It A Happy Ending For Earth that she lives Happily There after.

Monday, May 16, 2011

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