Sunday, May 9, 2010


We r brought up very soft n delicate... At every step our parents safeguard us with all comforts... One day i saw something
that violated the statement...My mamma is one of the most most caring mamma, she has brought me up so smoothly that even a pillow can hurt me... One
day me n mamma wer on an outing n she had stopped at a shop to buy something ,i was standing out looking at a doll n then i
saw someone very short comming towards me with a big round hat (dats wat i could feel as the person was comming from my
right...) i turned n to my great surprise it was a small girl holding a pot of water on her head, with a bag of vegetables hanged
to her shoulders, her brown skirt half wet... i was stunn... what was she up to, so much of strength? she looked at me n i could
do nothing other than smiling at her, she blushed n smiled. she slowed down as her destination(home) was getting nearer which
was next to me... she wanted to spend more time smiling with me.... i felt happy n wanted to speak to her but what to speak to
someone so great... felt i am not worth it... after sometime her mamma who was selling flowers next to the gate asked her to
get in n cook food n she said "yes" , (that moment i thought of all the moments i said "no" to mamma when she asked me to do
something)... my mamma came n i left the place with her sweet smiling face imprinted in my heart, n that girl still smiling till i dissapeared
from her sight... (secret:all the way back home, i was feeling like hugging mamma tight... still controlled myself n sat silently
thinking about her)
Many a times we ignore to see the different kind of lives people are living around whom we are supposed to salute...that girl was such a superb personality being so tiny she has taken up the task of getting water to home n she has to cook may
be as her mom works ,she would be doing all the household work alone... her will power , her confidence in doing that... n best
of all she doesnt even know her greatness... she blushed in shy for a girl who smiled at her feeling happy for that...situations in
life takes off the deciding power from a person... she had no options n she had to do it,what was told to her .If she wished to
or not, nobody bothers... still she is happy for little things that pass though her routine.... so was a sweet golden girl i saw , may b at every part there are lot of golden people like her who doesnt know their worth ...
atleast lets be grateful for all that we r blessed n not finding the flaws ,,, live happily for such a beautiful life that god has made only for us... :)
only for us...


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  2. cool..........beautifully put :):)

    yeah only when we see the ones who are struggling or who are not that very priviledged we will get to know wat we are given.........
    and many do not get time to realisethat....and by the time they realise it will be too very late :)

    keep posting :)

    @ arun u are right!!!!

  3. so much maturity at so young age alwa? just like my sis

  4. ur perception about ppl around u n ur life n others emotions it is just ............ shows ur humbleness :)