Friday, May 7, 2010


I always disliked the typical metro kind of life... my heart always used to beat for plants, trees,birds , animals n more of nature, like glaciers , mountains,greenary...i never understood how ppl wished for a life in blore... wich i never wanted but as we all know life always takes us exactly wer we dnt wish for... i had to come to blore for my degree course, n my college was in the HOSUR ROAD popularly known for its traffic jam... n as i wanted to avoid travelling in bus i had to stay in the same area n i had joined for a PG right by the side of the main road... its such a area full of vehicles,smoke, noise , crowd, ppl walking all over n if u look at the sky wishing to see some stars all u can see is tall standing IT companies n dark clouds of smoke...i knew my life was in mess n i cudnt imagine hw badly i wud b going to suffer from that day... i sat out of my room which was in 2nd floor staring at the vehicles filled road thinking about all these... i had come just one day b4 my classes started... huh... i slept with a heavy heart...
next day mrng i woke up, as it was first day ,at first felt like crying... n den i got up... opened window got disappointed as i cud'nt feel any fresh air or see any tree but the road full of ppl each one hurrying up not caring about others was time to get ready nw...i said to my self "i ll not go to college today, pakka from tomorrow..." n i decieded on it firmly.
huh.... i got ready took my bag n left for college...its always that my studious ming never let me do such things though i deciede...i was scared a bit... first day.. ragging, classmates, that too blore ppl... they hardly care for emotions.... someone so idiotic like me,,,, can i survive here? suddenly i stoped.. n i turned by my side in the road as i walked... n i saw something that i had never thought of.... a person i dnt knw from wer he droped there was guiding a group of small ducklings in the service road of hosur main road... those small ones soooooooo cute... my mind blew away... i was surprised to see that there, i was so happy... they wer walking along with me n as i reached college i forgot all fear n to my great luck i could see nobody there, no gangs of seniors , no staring, no ragging,... i went to my class n i felt bit strange still i was comfortable...
begining in metro wasnt that bad too... there wer lot of sweet n cute things left in blore to happen with me n that was just a beginning... i thought to myself as i smiled...


  1. wow!! thats a nice piece of article."First day in a Metro" could be the title. Great start .. all the best .. :)

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  3. beautifullllllllllll i was just waiting for u to create ur blog...........and finally its very happy to read ur first article posted here........i know there are lots in ur dairies.... in ur mind.... will be waiting to read much more......

    beautiful one :):):)
    go on............

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