Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our Tommorrows In Our Hands

A day will come. When a Rapist ,without a pinch of fear will give his word to the Media as "Yes, I did it. Rape of 18 girls in a day, Why not ... Until am safe in this Nation which is going to feed me 3 times a day from now ,till 10 or 20 yrs or may b till my death by which my case would still b running in court." That day is not too far. That day will come. Soon come...
 In this Corrupt Nation even d person who rapes Mother India is treated with care. A nation which has "Seethas" who undergo Harassment at every step fighting to protect Herself , at the same time there are "Shurpanakas" who take the advantage of Law and play absurd games with Lives taking the pleasure of being a Girl ,ditching all Values that a Girl should bear.

We are humans and its very much needed to remind to all of us now as we have forgotten the Core values of our existence which makes us the Most Superior creature on Earth. We have become so Unethical that even our self conscious has gone deep sleep or lost in this Polluted, Noisy, Ruthless Society. Civilized..! , We are no more.

Its Time to change not just the people who are ruling us or corruption but first our mind set. How many of us feel for the old person standing in bus and leave our seat for them to sit. How many have the mindset of taking the person to hospital when someone meets with accident in road. How many of us think lending the tip amount we give in big hotels to some poor hungry person who is really in need of it. Its not about Male/Female Its overall Human Race. We all play safe being blind to all the crime we r doing by "Not doing the things We are Supposed to Do". We want to sit in our homes and feel bad for the things happening around, speak about it and forget it. We are nt any less responsible for the Harassment going on around us. Every time we think its none of our business when someone is in problem we are the cause of it.
Huh.... Until we change our mind to stand for each other things are not gonna Change. It doesn't Imply any Candle walk or protest for Justice. We cant get back the Dead with a candle walk. If we really feel for it then we need to change Ourself , Take an Oath that next Time when We find Someone in Need We are going to extend a Selfless Hand of Help. Its high time to take it into our hands n bring The Change Ourself. We dont need a Magic stick to Change Our Tomorrows, We can turn Ourself as One.